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Welcome to My Best Riddles .com. You can find riddles on this website for children, adults and 'scholars'. We have only just started with the website so the number of riddles and jokes is still limited.

The riddles on the site are also put in categories like brain teasers, difficult riddles, easy riddles, classic riddles, logic puzzles, mathematical riddles and more categories even. These categories are a fun way to discover all riddles on the site, so check them out.

I am now working on a joke site Jokes for Us, which already has more than 500 jokes, for which 120 jokes for children, so if jokes are your thing I would definitely take a look there.

TopTensLover.com offers the best top ten lists to read.

Have fun with these riddles anyway.

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Pronounced as one letter, But look and you'll see, That really I'm written with three. I'm read from both ends, The same either way.

What am I?

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My Daughters

I have ten or more daughters. I have less than ten daughters. I have at least one daughter. If only one of these statements is true, how many daughters do I have?

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